Let’s Influence and Inspire Social Change

Women of all generations from all corners of the world have the power to affect positive change by sharing their best authentic selves. This moving collection of personal journeys, insights, and wisdom encourages women to use their natural talents of self-reflection, connection, and collaboration to influence and inspire social change––working towards a world where women are fully valued for their energy and contribution.

Women, Let’s Rise aims to ignite the fire within every woman to power up, step out, and empower the world with her presence. This book teaches acceptance of others and is a display of encouragement. Filled with business, career, management, purpose-driven, and communication tactics it has something for every woman. Foreword by Violette de Ayala, International Bestselling Author of The Self Guided Guru and Founder of FemCity®.

Women, Let’s Rise: Empowering Women to Thrive and Lead

Turning Trauma into Power

My chapter in Women Let’s Rise is titled Transformative Mindset: Turning Trauma into Power.

I bring readers on the journey that led me to where I am today & talk about how I persevered in following my dreams and accomplishing my goals after experiencing trauma in my life. The biggest being losing my father to suicide. Working on mindset has been one of the biggest turning points in my life, which is an important part that I highlight. I also discuss how a dream book that I made to serve as a visual of my goals, has been an integral part of helping me rise and thrive!

Glowing Endorsements

To quote Lori Armitage: ‘A Woman’s Place Is Everywhere.’ If a copy of Women Let’s Rise has found its way into your hands, trust me when I tell you it was not by chance. This is fate. This book is an inspirational read and a powerful reminder that when women come together to share their stumbles and their victories, they are able to use their collective strength to elevate women worldwide. This is how we change the world, and change the way the world perceives the true strength of the woman.

– Charleyne Oulton, Royal Canadian Navy, author of ten publications most recently She’s No Longer Silent
#coachcharleybrown | www.coachcharleybrown.com

There is nothing more inspiring than knowing you are not alone with your fears, doubts, and dreams. This book has a unique and perfect chapter that can fit any reader. There are tears, laughter, conflict, inspiration, and also research. As a woman and entrepreneur, I feel ready to rise!

– Lucia Yglesias, lifestyle photographer and journalist –
www.luciayphotography.com | ig: @luciayphotography

Thank you for this amazing collection of female entrepreneurs sharing their very personal stories to help others fuel their passion and get their message out into the world. Every inspiring chapter of this book reveals tantalizing insight into the real story behind each successful businesswoman. I loved reading about that pivotal moment that launched them into superstardom and their future success. A must-read for anyone who is unsure of how to move forward with a dream of creating and launching their own business.

– Karen Anderson, Author of the #1 Bestselling book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals and Hear All Creatures

Women Let’s Rise is an incredible testament to the power of storytelling and shared experiences. This collection of inspiring stories lets all women know there is unlimited power in our collective experience. WE are powerful if we choose to believe it. WE get to change the narrative and this is evident in our stories of triumph. This book is an important tool in finding our own powerful voices and lifting up the voices of other women. Together we learn, together we grow, and together we rise.

– Dianne Bondy, Author of Yoga For Everyone and Yoga Where You Are
Diannebondyyoga.com | ig: @diannebondyyogaofficial

This collection of stories, insights, and advice truly has something for everyone. I was blown away by the candour of these women to bare their truths and imperfections, in order to lay the groundwork for others to learn from their journeys. The diversity of perspectives is only surpassed in its brilliance by the quality of advice and guidance these women provide. One thread is apparent through this entire book—it is never too late, we all have the power to create our new reality.

– Jillian Svensson, Executive Director of SheIS –

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