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Hi I’m StephK

I’m a Personal Branding & Intuitive Marketing Guide, Makeup Artist & Best Selling Author. I help passionate entrepreneurs discover WHO they are, shift limiting beliefs, grow their confidence, elevate their brand, and build a business that allows them to create the lives they want!


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My experience with Steph has altered the route of my life immensely. Being in the performance industry, I struggle daily with feelings of being overwhelmed, consumed, and clouded with my direction in life. Once I began working with Steph, I was able to identify the core of myself and specific goals in order to produce and discover my brand. Steph supports and instructs you through navigating your brand, your goals, engagement with social media, self-care, and most importantly, your worth.

Keep in mind she is a great listener and achieves this without any source of judgement. If you are seeking to learn more about yourself, your passions, then I highly recommend working with Steph as she will provide you with those results and help you become the best version of yourself!
Professional Dancer
For 10 years I was an entrepreneur and in 2019 made the decision to change careers and began looking for a firm to join. After being the runner up to several positions, I was struggling to stay confident and positive. Though I branded my former business, I was lost when it came to personal branding. Steph came to the rescue. She listened to me and thoughtfully set up several exercises for me to complete regarding strengths, skills and personality. Having online video calls with Steph helped me stay energized and learn how to articulate what I have to offer to a professional team. Within weeks of working together I was invited to an interview with a marketing firm I admired. During the interview, I was asked what set me apart from other candidates. Steph’s coaching had prepared me so well that I shared my personal branding with the interviewers and landed the job! Steph’s coaching and program was the key to my success and she continues to help me define my personal brand. I highly recommend Steph’s guidance, whether you’re personal branding for your own business or reinforcing your worth within a professional team.