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Brand Yourself TODAY, So Your Ideal Clients Say, Yes!

You feel burnt out, but aren’t making the income you want. If one more person asks you how your business is doing, you’re worried your smile and forced response will open up the floodgates of tears that have been threatening to unleash themselves for months. You’re nearing your breaking point and you’re trying to keep it all together so your conscience doesn’t convince you to throw in the towel.

You constantly ask yourself what should I do next? And are desperate for something to work so you can stop feeling stuck. You’re tired of not having a plan or a sense of direction. Your brain is suffering from shiny object syndrome and instead of finding the answers you’ve been searching for it’s making your head spin like a ride at Disneyland.

You want to engage with your audience on social media but have trouble staying consistent and find yourself scrolling mindlessly on Instagram because you don’t know what to post or what to say. When you do post you hear crickets. Your bestie seems to be the only one showing you any love. Your confidence is lower than where Drake started and you’re struggling with dreadful feelings of self-doubt.

You know that if you don’t figure it out soon, the flame that ignites your passion to do the thing you love will be nothing more than a swirl of smoke with your dreams of having the freedom to live your life your way.

What If There Was Another Way?

Imagine if you could wake up excited, have an impact on your clients, and make the income you desire while doing what you love.

You’re finally having conversations with your audience, and building a community of people who look to you for your expertise. Your ideal client feels like you’re speaking directly to them! You’re building trust with the value you offer. You finally have a plan and know exactly what to do next in your business. You’re focused on the BIG picture and are so excited and motivated to put your plan into ACTION. You are in control and are confident in your ability to get the results you want!

Your audience and engagement are growing, and you feel like you’re running the marathon at a steady pace, you’re in it to win it! You’re attracting your ideal clients because you’ve finally figured out how to talk to them in a way that makes them say, THEY GET ME! Your business is thriving and you’re making the income you want! You are finally running your business, it’s not running you. You are confident in making decisions that align with who you are as a brand and you have a plan to take ACTION! Most of all – you STAND OUT.

Hi I’m StephK

I’m a Personal Branding Coach for passionate, women entrepreneurs who are struggling to make their desired income. With the Brand New YOU Audit, you’ll learn ways you can brand yourself so you can stop feeling burnt out and be able to confidently decide what comes next. After working together you will have an action plan to move your brand toward the results you desire, so the clients you want to work with say YES!

As a result of the Brand New YOU Audit Session, you’ll…

  • Define ways to brand yourself so you can focus on doing what you love with confidence
  • Be clear on who you are as a brand & learn how to set goals that reflect your brand so you can continue to grow and attract your ideal clients.
  • Have a step-by-step strategy for making your brand stand out so that you feel aligned and on your way to financial freedom

Brand New YOU Audit Session

This session includes:

Brand New YOU Audit – I will assess your social media + website to see areas that we can make your personality shine, how you can confidently create content your audience understands & relates to, check consistency, overall first impressions,  and make sure your brand messaging & aesthetic is cohesive.

Show Your Brand – Questionnaire
This questionnaire will help us get clear on where you are in your branding journey and the vision you have for your business. It will help determine areas where you are feeling stuck so we can make a plan that makes you feel like you RUN the World, Beyonce style! It will give us insight into the problem you solve & who your ideal client is so hearing crickets when you post is a thing of the past!

(Before your 90-minute session)

Stand Out Strategy Session – RECORDED
In this 90-minute video session, we will discuss your Branding Audit. Using the results of your audit and questionnaire we will define ways you can BRAND yourself so that you effectively communicate your message & attract your ideal clients. Set clear goals complete with a branding action plan + ways to implement the strategies so your business thrives. By the end of this session, you will feel like dancing like Elaine from Seinfeld, overjoyed and ready to spread your wings to make the income you know you WILL MAKE!

Steph Support:
Sometimes doing something new can make you feel like you’re a baby bird learning to fly. No need to worry email support is available during the 7 days before your follow-up. Whether you have a question, need a cheerleader, or some accountability, I’ll be there! Allow 24hrs for response time.

Shine On Session – Recorded
Follow-up: One week later we’ll check in to see how you’re doing in a 30 min video call. We will highlight your wins, assess what has been working, adjust your plan as needed, and address any support or questions you may have. You’ll leave the session feeling excited, motivated, and in control of your future.

Your dreams no longer feel out of reach. You can finally build momentum towards your goals with a clear ACTION plan. Suddenly “started from the bottom now we’re HERE”, will have a whole new meaning.

I’ll help you discover the BRAND NEW YOU.



For 10 years I was an entrepreneur and in 2019 made the decision to change careers and began looking for a firm to join. After being the runner up to several positions, I was struggling to stay confident and positive. Though I branded my former business, I was lost when it came to personal branding. Steph came to the rescue. She listened to me and thoughtfully set up several exercises for me to complete regarding strengths, skills and personality. Having online video calls with Steph helped me stay energized and learn how to articulate what I have to offer to a professional team.

Within weeks of working together I was invited to an interview with a marketing firm I admired. During the interview, I was asked what set me apart from other candidates. Steph’s coaching had prepared me so well that I shared my personal branding with the interviewers and landed the job! Steph’s coaching and program was the key to my success and she continues to help me define my personal brand.

I highly recommend Steph’s guidance, whether you’re personal branding for your own business or reinforcing your worth within a professional team.

– Carrie Russell Bakker –

My experience with Steph has altered the route of my life immensely. Being in the performance industry, I struggle daily with feelings of being overwhelmed, consumed, and clouded with my direction in life. Once I began working with Steph, I was able to identify the core of myself and specific goals in order to produce and discover my brand. Not only does her creativity and guidance as a makeup artist reveal your truest self, but her coaching and innovative ideas remind you of what values and purpose you bring to this world. Steph supports and instructs you through navigating your brand, your goals, engagement with social media, self-care, and most importantly, your worth. Keep in mind she is a great listener and achieves this without any source of judgement. If you are seeking to learn more about yourself, your passions, and are willing to work hard to achieve your goals, then I highly recommend working with Steph as she will provide you with those results and help you become the best version of yourself!

– Rachel Romanoski –

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